Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 1 - Finding Out

Well I got a phone call from the Doctor Surgery today, asking me to go down and see a Doctor today.  So they booked me in for 11.30am with Dr Greenyeer.

I had a feeling that I already knew what he was going to say, and his questioning prior to him telling me confirmed my suspicions.  So when he actually told me, yes it was a shock, but it wasn't - if you get what I mean - so hard to describe.

I'm using this blog to collect together my thoughts, fears, experiences, and maybe show others that you know your own body, so if you believe there is a problem, run with it and pursue it until your happy that every avenue has been covered.

About this time in 2013 I had been to the Doctor because I can feel something in my throat that makes swallowing very difficult for me, to the extent that I have problems swallowing foods.  After various X-Rays and Barium swallow X-Rays, I was told finally in March 2014 that it was to do with my Osteo-arthritis, and it was a bone growth, and there was nothing that could be done about it.  I spoke to my GP about it again after this, and she wrote to the consultant, who replied to her that I should be prescribed Gaviscon - yup that stuff most people take for heartburn!  I'm going to be bringing this up at a later date when we find out more.

The tumour that has been found is at T1 on the left hand side of my spine and is described as a Secondary Tumour.  The problem we have at present is that it is not known where the Primary tumour is, as it was not covered by the MRI.  So now I have to go through all that yet again.

The Doctor phoned me after Surgery, and they have worked out the route to get me seen ASAP.  So I have been referred to the Lung Cancer section of Oncology.  He said I would be seen within 2 weeks at most, but to expect things to swing into action very quickly, and with lots of appointments - great - the excitement is overwhelming - NOT.

I have been quite overwhelmed as well by the wonderful messages from my friends on Facebook, it's lovely to know that so many people do care.  Chris has been totally shocked by the news, likewise my Son, but I know that they will be there for me on this journey, no matter how long it takes and where ever it may lead.  Chris has phoned his Mum, and she said if we need her she is there for us, despite having to care for her Brother.  As Chris' Sister is in USA, he had to message her via Facebook.  As for my family members - well those of them on my friends list, none have made a comment, but then we all have busy lives, and mine more than most is going to be rather busy in the coming weeks.

I'm just looking forward now to the Showaddywaddy Concert at Redditch on Saturday, but I dare not book for Bedworth next week, as I just don't know what bookings will be made between now and then.  I'm going to be so upset if I find out that I would have been able to go, as it will be too late to get a ticket.  How many more concerts I will get to is anyone's guess, I do so enjoy them, perhaps they can come sing to me if I am kept in Hospital rofl - now that would be a sight to see!!!

Right I'm off to bed to see if I can get any sleep.  Feel free to post a comment or ask questions, and I will approve messages as soon as I can.

Julia  xxx