Monday, 12 January 2015

12 January 2015 - Visit to Trauma Clinic

Well folks it's been a month nearly, since I blogged, but today I have been for my appointment with the Trauma Clinic Consultant.

My consultant is not happy with me having to wait till July/August for another MRI, so has made arrangements for another to be done in the next few weeks, and for me to return to him in 6 weeks, for the results.  He did say that he wasn't too worried about the tumour, but he is not happy with my blood tests and has required a donation from me today - let's see what he finds in these one's.  I made sure that I told him about my dairy intolerance and the fact that I take Calcium supplements on advice from my GP.  Without being too graphic, dairy products, and things containing them, make me spend more time in the bathroom than is healthy for anyone, so it's easier to eradicate them totally from my diet.  It's not so bad, and it's easy to live without milk products, once you know what other foods etc. contain the nasty little begger called Lactose.

My GP prior to the Holiday period, put me on Morphine tablets, the liquid gave me acute migraine within 2 days, so I had to stop taking it.  I'm not 100% happy about taking morphine, as most people know addictive it can be, but I know that if I need to I can control how much I take, in fact I took none at all over the holiday, I knew I would like to enjoy a drink - if I remembered it - and drink is a no no with morphine.  My problem with remembering a drink, is that I often forget until it's far to late in the evening, so go without.  We can have bottles of wine, bourbon around for month's, and don't drink them let alone finish a whole bottle.  We have a 1ltr bottle of Jack Daniels and half a bottle of Ameretto left from the holiday.  They will get finished eventually.

Well not much more that I can tell for now, except I must go and collect some more morphine tomorrow, which is handy, as I am totally out of them, and the pain at present is starting to get bad again.  I wish I could predict when or what makes it get worse, but I'm not that lucky.  I can be fine one moment, the next a crumbling heap.  For now, I'm going to go crumble into my bed - I do hope the cat has done her required employment - Bed Warmer in Chief.

Night all

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