Saturday, 1 November 2014

Day 2 - 4 hours sleep

Well having hoped to get some sleep last night, I got about 4, so will have to have a nap later today.  I am so flippin tired all the time, if they had a sleeping competition I would win hands down!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow - Saturday at Redditch to see my beloved Showaddywaddy again.  I can't believe it has been 6 months since I last saw them.  However is a girl supposed to cope???  Don't like the driving much, but hey ho, the private helicopter is in for service lol.  Such a shame I couldn't book the one next week, I'll have to see if there are any others I can get to this year, but not holding out much hope, if they are not in the Midlands, I really just can't get.

well it's 11.40am and no phone calls yet, and there won't be anything in post as it wasn't set in motion till gone midday yesterday.

I'm alternating between crying and rage today, wondering why it has had to pick me, doesn't it think I have suffered enough in my life already.  I just wanted a peaceful quiet life, but oh no, every time things seem to be going right, some more $hite descends on us.

I had to take Mia dog back to the Vet, and he has said her paw needs operating on to remove the claw and toe.  I have never seen a dog claw before that has split.  But at least if he removes it, it won't cause her any more problems.  Poor puppy dog :(

I had some time to think today, trying to think where the cancer may have started.  Not an easy feat when you already have a multitude of other medical conditions.  Thinking about places in my body where I have pain, and one place during the day has been recurring.  This place is between my shoulder blades, but have been virtually dismissing this as part of the normal back pain I suffer with.  So will have to remember this when I see the Consultant, thing is this pain has been there for what seems like ages, more than months, possibly more than a year, it will be interesting to see if this is the primary site - but for this we have to wait and see.  We've had no phone calls at all today, not that I expected any really but you just never know.

Right I'm off to bed now as tomorrow it is Showaddywaddy night - might even have a few photo's to share, hopefully me with the band, which will help me with how this terrible disease takes it's tole upon my body.

Night followers - be careful out there my friends.

Julia  xxx

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