Thursday, 27 November 2014

Day 28 - Oncology Appointment

Once again I left in plenty of time to get to hospital, but as always seems to happen, things go tits up from the first main roundabout out of Coalville the road was blocked by a Police car, so obviously there had been an accident, so had to divert via the Industrial estate, stopped at the petrol station, and came out to carry on, oh dear got over the roundabout after the petrol station, and came across a major traffic jam, indicating another possible accident, but was lucky and managed to find a gap in the central reservation, so was able to do a u turn, and go up over the top of the hill into the city.

Little did I realise that every man and dog with extended family wanted to go to the hospital again, so much so, I couldn't get near the hospital, and the closest I could park was about a mile away.  I was not impressed at all, it is totally ridiculous, people are going to have to factor in the massive queues for the hospital in their travel time, I have noticed that they don't appear to mention this in appointment letters anymore, probably because of the noise people will create when they find out the wait time for parking is over an hour.  Then when you get in the car park, you find it full of massive pot holes, one of which is at least 12" across and at least 6" deep, this can cause substantial damage to any car, and I dare not even think about what would happen if you tripped in it!

When I finally got to the clinic, I booked in and took a seat, but wasn't actually kept waiting very long, before I was taken in to see a lovely lady Dr.  Her name escapes me as usual.  She told me there had been lengthy discussions between my GP and her department, with Radiology and another department.  The CT scan she advised me, which was a Full Torso scan actually didn't show up the tumour in my spine, which is sounding pretty unusual to me.  I told her in no uncertain terms, that I want to know what the tumour found in the MRI scan is.  It's not going to go away, just because we don't find out what it is.  I explained about the excruciating pain that I am suffering, doing only things that really have to be done.  Food that can be put in the oven and left to it's own devices is the best I can manage, 3 minutes isn't long when you have to dish out food etc.  I have to sit down half way through loading and unloading the dishwasher, if I don't, I'll fall down - there is no choice in the matter.  People don't realise that I have been suffering this for about 3 years, and the pain brings me to tears most days, I'm just dam good at hiding it, but I don't see why I should keep on hiding the pain any longer, and I refuse to hide it any more.

I now have to wait for a call from this Dr when she has spoken to the Dr in Radiology about a Biopsy being taken from the site to try to determine what it is.  I have another appointment for January, and will have another MRI so that they can compare the size to see if it is any difference.

So once again I get to sit and wait, with no clear result as yet.  I had to give the obligatory blood test before leaving for home.  I don't know what they are looking for, and have got to the point where I don't think I care much anymore either.  The Doctor did say that I should visit my GP, and discuss with them the possibility of going back on the Morphine patches for pain relief.  I might as well, paracetamol does seem a waste of time and money, no better effect than having a packet of smarties - but without the colour and the chocolate.

Right I need sleep, but will probably have a ramble on tomorrow, Sainsbury's delivery is due between 9 and 10 so that should be fun - NOT.

Night all xxx

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