Saturday, 29 November 2014

Day 30 - Hips & Knees join Lower lumbar region

Well you know those days when you wake up and think today might be good??  Forget it today wasn't one of them.  I realised that the Car needed it's MOT doing or it would be off the road at midnight, so managed to get that booked in for 2pm, but before that Mia had to have her dressing changed at the Vet.

The Surgery at the Vet was challenging to say the least, there was another Cocker Spaniel there, and a competition then proceeded, they decided to have a howling competition - to be honest I couldn't wait for one of us to be called, as I knew it would just degenerate into open warfare.  Mia was suddenly called by her vet to save the sanity of the receptionists and our ears.  Mia was taken to have her dressing changed, and I went back to Reception.  I found out the other Spaniel was only 4 years old, which then caused me concern, as she was the size of 2 of Mia, and only the other day we were checking to ensure that Mia wasn't overweight.  Cocker Spaniels have a thing about food, they just eat and eat, and then eat some more.  Mia loves to keep up this tradition given the chance, and will eat anything and everything going.  But we are lucky, as she is a perfect weight.  Mia was soon brought back to me with her new dressing - purple this time instead of the pink.  Once we had been relieved of yet another £30, we headed back to the car.  Do remember that this dog has 4 legs and they are all useable, I must have the only dog that refuses to jump into the car at any time.  So it forces me to bend down to lift it into the car.  I know it's blind, but it can still jump - it does it when it wants to sleep on our bed!  It also refuses to jump out of the car as well, so it's a repeat performance when we get home.

Time for a drink and relax and check emails, before disappearing for the MOT.  Why do MOT's always put the fear of God in you, and make you worry that your going to end up paying through the nose??  But I should not have worried, as she passed yet again.  So they then relieved me of £40, and I disappeared off to Iceland.  

It didn't take me long to fill my trolley to the brim, I only use the shallow one's, so it's not much really, then paid for that, and came home to wait for the delivery to turn up.  It's such a shame my local store doesn't do online ordering at present, then I wouldn't have to trundle round the supermarket, getting caught up with so many people - yep the Xmas rush has begun.

Well after today's escapades, my hips and knees have joined up with my lower lumbar pain, and it appears they are all singing from the same music score.  It isn't a very good music score either, I think they are making it up as they go along, and I just wish they would do one and leave me in peace.

I'm still trying to think, what I want for Xmas - only been thinking about it for a month and no nearer to working out what I want than I was at the beginning.  I'm sure I will think of something sooner or later.  I have heard diamonds are a girls best friend, and of course I don't mind if there are a few aquamarines included in the mix.

Well the pain is telling me it's about time I lay down for the night, and I don't have the energy to fight it, so I will obey it.

Night all - see you on the other side

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