Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Day 27 - 25 November 2014 - Little Girl had toe removed today.

Well, today came earlier than expected - didn't sleep much last night, not sure if it was Mia dog going to the Vet, or my appointment tomorrow - perhaps a combination of the 2.

It's not much fun having to scrape ice off the car pre 8am in -3c temperature!  That's a bit brass monkey's to say the least.

The operation went well, and her toe has been sent of for analysis, to see if it is cancerous.  I do hope not, I've seen so many animals in this small close pass from cancer related problems, including my own Kimmy dog in April last year, and then my Daddy cat Spot just 2 weeks later.  It's not been confined to just the animal residents either - too many humans have passed here from cancer as well.  Sometimes, just sometimes, if you dwell on it too long, it can really bug you.  So it's best not to.

We are given pets to keep us company, or is it the other way round, which ever it is only for a limited amount of time, so we have to make the best of the time we have with them, when they are gone, we think of the good times we had with each and every pet we have owned.  They all leave a footprint on us of one kind or another.

Mia is happily bouncing around on 3 legs - we get a display of her poorly leg being held up off the ground, when she moves about.  We start on the medication in the morning, she had long lasting injections at the vet.  But I am sure she will let us know if there are problems.  Much the same as she did, at the vet today - she speedily found her barks and howls, thank goodness we were out of earshot - they can be pretty lethal.  Should be fun Friday, she has to go back for the leg to be re-dressed.  As she hasn't learnt to drive yet, I guess I'm the driver.

But before that, I have my Oncology appointment tomorrow, what that will bring I don't know, lets just hope something gets moving, I'm so fed up of being messed about by NHS.  I bet they go for my blood as well, nothing new there.  I get the feeling that I may end up as a pin cushion in the future.  Mind you most ladies I know that have been pregnant, will know what I mean about pin cushion.  Please bear with me, as I wish to explain to my family - Chris, my Son and his girlfriend, Chris' Mum and his Sister in far away USA about the appointment first, I don't want them to find out via others, Facebook or the blog.  This appointment is tomorrow morning, but your guess is as good as mine how long it will take, but when those listed above have been told, then I will post here on the blog.

Right I think it's time for the bed - not sure how much of it we will get, but I work on the principal that if I get there first, I get more than the dog or cats.   Well I might let Mia have a tad more space tonight.  Better not forget to bribe her with Doggie Chocolate Buttons.

Night all - see you on the other side xxx

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