Monday, 10 November 2014

Day 11 - A Surprise or shock??

Well knock me down with a feather, last night before crawling into bed, I thought I had better weigh myself, I don't do it very often, but thought why not, so I did.  Now we have to bear in mind that I was weighed by my GP at the beginning of this process that lead to my journey.  I was then 16st - yes I know well over weight, but I do remember what she said to me, that in no way was I to do any exercise regime until we found out what was wrong, or unless it was approved by my physiotherapist - I know a Doctor telling you not to exercise, but thinking the bone in my spine was in serious danger of further degeneration it was sensible.  Then I was weighed again when I went for the MRI, and was exactly the same weight.  So stepped on the scales, and stepped off again very quickly, thinking they needed adjustment, so checked they were set correctly and got back on.  Had I got the wrong glasses on?  Nope.  It said I was now 15st!!!!  I lost a whole stone in weight, now where the heck did that go?  Not that I am complaining, but not only did I not realise, but not sure where it has gone from!  Now if you happen to find it, don't bother sending it back, I don't need it.  I donate it freely to who ever needs it more than me.

Right now to get on with the Thread storage/display board, then it will be F1 Grand Prix time before I know it.

Well thought I had better finish today's post before I go find some space on the edge of the bed.  Totally enjoyed the Grand Prix in Brazil - such a shame we only have one race left this year.  The thread storage/display board, is half way finished.  It is taking longer than I thought, glue on the end of wooden dowels, which are then poked into holes on a board, repeat over 500 times, and you will be somewhere near understanding how time consuming this is.  Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow, then I can start sorting my threads.  At least it's keeping me busy.  If the cats and dog had opposable thumbs, I would be getting them to do it.

So I'm off to bed - no nap again either.

Night all.

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