Thursday, 13 November 2014

Day 14 - Phoning GP

Well as I woke late today, I blame the wine - didn't wake till about 10.30am ish.  So I had to phone and ask for a phone appointment.  I had to have the Organ Grinder/Main GP, he had made himself aware of what he thought he was going to be chatting about.  So I proceeded to tell him our experience of yesterday and how they have discharged me from the clinic.  Although he hasn't received anything as yet, and he has asked me to phone tomorrow and speak to the secretary of the Dr I saw, and ask them to urgently Fax the discharge papers, so he can see just what the Dr is doing, or not as the case may be.  

I made sure he knew that I wasn't happy about being told I have cancer and yet, even after an MRI and a CT scan, nobody can tell me where the primary cancer is.  I need to know where it is, how big it is, how they can treat it and the secondary cancer.  I want to know what the prognosis is for what I have got.  Like I said to Chris tonight, so many people get diagnosed with cancer, and find out they only have a few weeks or months to live.  If I'm going, I want to know how much longer I have to annoy everyone I possibly can, what's the fun if you can't be annoying as well as so awkward as to dare to get cancer.  Life is to short to not have any fun.

So in the morning, I get to make phone calls and see how far I can get with the hospital.  But before that, Sainsbury's will be due, so I had better get to bed so I don't just turn over when the alarm goes, I'm not answering the door with almost next to nothing on, it's bad enough that the dog will wake the whole street - if they are not already awake.  That done I will then need to phone my mobile company to get Chris an iphone sim, and get his number moved over.  Tesco mobile on the O2 network and Vodaphone are totally useless where we live, so stuff them.  I don't have the patience with companies who can't provide a decent service.  I would say it's not a good time to upset me anymore than I am already.

Right bed time - I've had enough.


  1. Don`t go easy on them Julia make them help you

  2. Make them listen to ur concerns Julia. They have a duty of care. Get the answers you need.
    I'm here anytime you have my numbers so ring anytime


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