Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Day 20 - Appointment with Orthopaedics

Well, would you Adam and Eve it, I have now got an appointment with a Consultant at Hospital for Monday.  I have to say we couldn't quiet believe it when I opened the letter.  I did a search on the Consultant and he has 2 private practice's in the County as well as the NHS hospital.  He has been recognised by an association in USA, and has gained an award for excellence.  I have to say I feel much more confident now.   I would presume, that I won't find out much information about things at the appointment, rather I think he will want me to have a  barrage of tests for this, that and the other.  I know how stressful Chris finds hospitals, so have said that it would be pointless him coming with me. 

Describe your pain!!!  How many people have heard this or had this asked when they tell a Doctor they are in pain??  It must run into millions every day.  There are words we have all used at some point I'm sure - stabbing, pricking, deep, constant, - are all common terms that get used.  I wanted to find a unique way to describe my pain, it's not easy to think about a description when your suffering so much pain.  But we really need to do this, in order that we give our Doctor the best possible description of what we are suffering.  Telling the Doctor that it is chronic, acute etc is all well and good, but everyone has a different idea of what is chronic acute etc.  I wanted a description of the pain, that could in theory be tried out, although I'm certainly not volunteering to try it out.  

I'm sure at some point you will have seen weights with their description on the side or top - similar to those in gyms or used with kitchen scales.  Imagine if you can, a belt around your hips, and on this belt are lots and lots of hooks.  So you stand up and walk to your kitchen, as your walking somebody follows you and is using the hooks to hang those weights on.  We all have our own tolerance to the weights, but eventually we will all be feeling the weights pulling us down to the ground.  If you are a normal healthy person, you will probably be able to withstand quite a lot of the weights, but if you are ill or have other medical conditions your tolerance to the weights will be less, and you will very quickly, feel the weights pulling you downwards, until such time as you are no longer able to stand.  On a good day, I can manage about 3 minutes, before my body screams at me to give in and I have to sit or lie down, before I fall down.  Believe me I wish I could catch that person who is putting the weights on me, because it is severely effecting every aspect of my life.  Just a simple trip out to a shop, is not so simple, I need to ensure I am fully topped up with pain relief, not that I feel it makes much difference, but the Doctor tells me it does.

Well, despite having a nap today, I am exhausted, and this laptop needs to reboot because it did some updates, so for now I wish you good night.

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