Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 21 - Not very exciting!

Well I wonder what today will bring?

The first thing it brought was a phone call from my Son, asking if I could collect him from the local airport, on his return from Latvia.  So had to keep an eye on the arrivals board online. Initially it was just 10 minutes ahead of time, this suddenly changed whilst I was getting ready, and went to 40 minutes ahead of schedule.  We should also bear in mind that it takes 20 minutes to drive there!  Not bad though, because he had landed by the time I got there and he managed to get through baggage and Customs in next to no time.  Don't get excited though, I doubt your going to have this happen at a major city airport any time soon.

As is normal for most of my travels, I managed to miss the turn for where I was going to meet him, and ended up outside the Departures hall - there for less than 5 minutes, this privilege cost £1!  The car park is even more expensive!

I didn't feel as much of the draging pain today, but just so very very tired.  I actually slept for quite a while today, with no reason that was obvious for feeling like it.  I don't pretend to understand this stupid thing as yet, no even sure if I ever will.

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