Saturday, 22 November 2014

Day 23 - Strange Letter

Do you ever wonder when you get letters from NHS if they let stupid school out early??  I certainly did today.  The post brought me yet another letter from the Doctor that told me I don't have lung cancer.  Now he says he has referred me to yet somebody else!  Not having been made aware of this by my GP, I called them, and had to wait in for them to call back.  It was so stupid, as the letter made it sound like I didn't need to attend the other appointment with Orthopaedics this coming Monday, as it had been decided that I should see an Oncologist before the Ortho's.  I spoke to the GP, who said he would talk to the Oncologist I had been referred to, so we could establish it an appointment was going to appear.  It as over 4 hours later the GP managed to get back to me, and he was able to confirm that an appointment is going out in the post for me to attend on 3 December, with the Oncologist.  The GP said to also attend the appointment on Monday as well with Ortho's.  Honest it's no wonder that people get confused, miss appointments etc.  It really did feel like I was being messed about, when you consider the MRI was done 22 October, and now a month later, I am still no nearer to finding out what, where, how big etc etc.

I am so fed up with the NHS and Government treating us like numbers instead of the human beings, with feelings.  If your being referred to Hospital it's because your ill.  It's not a nice day out for you, it normally consists of sitting round for hours on end, on very uncomfortable seats, for around 15 minutes of a consultants time - if your lucky.  It amazes me how many people don't turn up for appointments, if they did all turn up, our wait would be even longer.

I'm going to finish now, as I have been so stressed out today with it all, and I know that I am stressed out as my eczema is terrible at the moment.

Night all, and thanks for reading.  Thanks to a special friend who had some time to chat with me today - it was truly appreciated.  


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