Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 3 - Let's Rock 'N' Roll

Woke late this morning, I suppose that's cos I didn't get a nap yesterday, and I won't get one today either - for tonight is Redditch and Showaddywaddy - so let's Rock "N" Roll!

How lovely a beautiful card from Chris' Mum - need to scan it so I can add it to this post - if you don't see the picture, it means I forgot.  I'm good at forgetting stuff.

Well I need to pop to shop shortly, forgot the Doggie Dentasticks yesterday, and Mia insists on her daily toothbrush.  Then it will be Pizza and get ready.

Just a thought - if you can't say something nice or positive, then avoid me, my family and my friends right now.  It's just as difficult for them to cope with this if not more, control is out of all our hands.  I for one appreciate all of them and the support they are giving me in many various ways, and I don't want to hear of anyone upsetting them more than they are already.

Well - Mother-in-Law sent me some beautiful flowers, they arrived while I was out.  How lovely of her, she said she "hopes they make me smile". :D

Well the Google Android tablet decided it wasn't going to charge as quickly as I wanted it to, so had to use the Maps on my iPhone, didn't get lost going there or back = Result!!  Although it did try to send me to London as opposed to Leicester for the return journey, so killed it when I stopped for coffee at Tamworth - does work good when I plug it into the car and listen via the car sound system.

Showaddywaddy rocked tonight, it might have just been me, but they were/are fantastic!  They sent me out a poster signed by all the band just before they started, that got me a bit teary, and then the music started, lights went down and a few tears arrived, but then it flipped and the tears went away, and we had a "Heavenly" evening, with "3 Steps to Heaven", "A little bit of soap", "Chain Gang", "Johnny Remember Me" and "Under the Moon of Love".  We finished up with "Hey Rock "N" Roll, but tonight for some reason I could have stayed and listened even longer, I suppose it's because I have not been since April.  Still would love to go to Bedworth Friday, but not holding out much hope at the moment.  Thanks to Andy Pelos, Dean Loach, Rod Deas, Romeo Challenger, Paul Dixon and Rob Hewins - otherwise known as Showaddywaddy - for the signed poster and for the music tonight.

I've had to take painkillers today, as the pain has been rather bad, but as I can only take Paracetamol, they don't really do much for me.  So I think at this point I will exit stage right to my bed - if the cats and dog have left me enough room that is, and I will be back again tomorrow.

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