Saturday, 15 November 2014

Day 16 - Chucking with Rain!

The rain was already falling when I woke in the very early morning - before the alarm, I don't care what time it is, so normally either have a drink, or go to the bathroom, then go straight back to sleep.  It was still chucking it with rain, when I got up.  Anyway by the time I was ready to go out, it had stopped.  Just needed to do Iceland and Lidl, before it threw anymore down.  I love being able to go to Iceland and pick what I need, and then leave it to them to deliver.  Then it was off to Lidl, I didn't even manage to stop today for a coffee - quite unusual for me!

Once Lidl was done, it was get petrol and then back home again.  The Iceland delivery was going to be between 5-7pm, which meant that I could have a nap.  Really needed it today, as I felt so very tired.  No idea why, I just did.

The Post came and went while I was out, not bringing the item I was expecting by First Class Signed for - I take it that it must be the start of silly season now.  It's Chris' Xmas pressie I am waiting for, I've got him an iPhone, I spoke to my provider yesterday, and got a good deal on a sim only contract, and the sim should be here by Monday - believe it when I see it.  I anticipate a period of time, where we have one part but not the other, and then he won't be able to check the phone out till the sim arrives.  We all know about boys and their toys, so a phone without a sim, is like giving the dog a bone and telling her not to eat it!  It just isn't going to happen.  Let's hope the Post lady brings the goods tomorrow.

Good job I don't have any Hospital or GP appointments for Monday, as late today I got a reminder that my Dental Check-up is Monday afternoon, oh well just another exciting week ahead I see.

I am determined to get the Thread storage board finished this weekend, as it will make thread selection so much easier.  Yes it would have probably been cheaper to buy something to store/display my thread on, but I will be initially store/display not just the embroidery thread spools, but also the normal sewing threads.  This then gives me time to make another so that each type will have it's own board.  Both boards once complete will have cost less than buying just one of the types that can be seen on various websites.

Right - bedtime here

Night folks - oh I added a Google+1 followers thing earlier today.  Do let me know if it works or not for you.

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