Friday, 14 November 2014

Day 15 - Waiting on the telephone

I really must thank all my readers, I will make it easier for you to follow very soon, but other things need to be done first that take priority.

11.45am - Phoned the hospital and spoke to a Secretary, who had my file in front of her and was working on it, she had already taken a call from my GP, and is faxing the notes over to him and the Hospital Doctor is going to be phoning my GP as well.  So at least I feel that something is moving on it, but if it doesn't start to move any quicker, in a couple of days, they might need to be introduced to some laxative or could we do an enema?? Any lady who has been pregnant, will know how much "fun" they can be, and how quickly they get things moving.   rofl I could have so much fun.

So after I had completed that I had to go out to Loughborough, to do a bit of Xmas Shopping.  This turned out to be rather a disaster.  Would you believe it, the had a flippin fun fair right in the town center. So that everywhere you went, you were constantly having to step over electric cables.  Honest it was the biggest health & safety hazzard I have ever seen, an accident waiting to happen.  One lady pushing a wheelchair, almost tipped her companion out, when she didn't realise there was yet another cable to negotiate.  I don't have a clue what happened to the normal market that is in town on a Thursday, so wasn't impressed.  All the rides were almost at the doors of shops, it was almost impossible to see what shops were behind them.  Anyway what with that and the fact that all I kept getting when I rang our house phone, was the engaged signal, I ended up coming home.  Turns out my phone call to the hospital, lasted a few hours, as the phone had not disconnected correctly - that will put the bill up next month - the new phone system takes the blame for that, as I am positive I clicked the disconnect button!!!!!  Not a happy bunny at all.

I was quite exhausted by the time that was sorted, so had a drink, and went for a nap,  which I was desperate for.  Not sure if I will get a nap tomorrow, as I need to go to market, Iceland etc.  Then when I get back, I will have to wait for Iceland to deliver, and as the dog doesn't have the ability to answer the door and take deliveries which have to be signed for, it means one of us has to do it.  Mia is just "Goods Inwards Inspector" for which she has to be paid, thank goodness she accepts Jumbone's rather readily as her payments.  Knowing my luck while I'm out a Doctor of some variety will call, and of course they won't speak to Chris, anyone would think I was nailed to the darn phones at the moment.

Right - I can't cope any longer, Malibu is happily laying next to me on the sofa, snoring her flippin head off!  She sounds more like a fleet of ships coming into harbour.  I suspect that Apollo and Snowdrop are curled up on my Office chair, and Concorde - she will be curled up in the middle of a pile of cushions on our bed.  She so needs a velvet cushion and a tiara to wear, and the look of disgust she gives when I go to get in bed is unbelievable.  Almost like I am intruding on her private space.  The dog is sitting next to Chris in the office, until that moment when I pass the door, and she barges her way past me to get to her dog bed which is at the end of our bed.  Quite why her dog bed is in the bedroom defeats me, she spends more time on our bed!  Perhaps she leaves it there in the vain hope that we might actually sleep in it instead of her.  In her dreams.  Anyone suggesting we sleep in the dog bed, will end up in the dog house!  And no we don't have a dog house, but believe me, I bet I could whip one up.

Night all

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