Monday, 24 November 2014

Day 26 - Monday 24 November 2014 - Soooooo Angry!!!!!!!!!!!

Well as you will remember, today was the appointment with the Ortho, so left here in plenty of time to get there.  I would have been better leaving first thing this morning!!!  I spent over an hour getting a car parking space, it was like the whole of the county had appointments at hospital today.  Once I got a parking spot, I thought ha problem solved, and they are probably running late in clinic anyway - they always are.  It was easy enough to find the department, and gave the receptionist my letter, she was taking ages, then she had a strange look on her face.  I enquired if there was a problem.  She replied "Yes, it would appear you have cancelled your appointment!"  I told her that I had certainly not cancelled my appointment,  in fact my GP, told me in no uncertain terms that I was to attend, and he told me this when I spoke to him on Friday.  I also explained that it was at this same time,  my GP told me that I also had an appointment on 3 December with the Oncology dept.  I made it clear that I had just spent over an hour trying to park, for an appointment that someone deemed fit to mark as cancelled by patient!!!!

I was then taken over to the Oncology Department, where they once again confirmed that an appointment had been booked for 3 December.  I had no option other than to return home, fuming and swearing all the way, I would go so far as to say it was probably suitable for over 18's only!!

I hate to think how I parked the car, but half of it no doubt is in the flower bed, but at that point I really didn't care, all I wanted to do was blast down the phone of the Doctor from the Respiratory Medicine who I believe has been the instigator of this mess.  How unfortunate it was when I got through to his Secretary, that she wasn't there, but will be calling me back tomorrow.  Nowhere in the letter that arrived the other day did it actually state that they had cancelled my appointment for today, and I turned up as the GP told me to.

By the time I had finished on the phone, a lovely Colombian coffee had appeared, so sat smelling the beans and thinking I was far far away............. till that is my phone went.  It was the Oncology Dept. "You have an appointment booked for 3 December, the Doctor is wondering if you can attend on Wednesday this week instead"  So I agree, then she says "If Doctor had known you were here this afternoon, he would have seen you"!!!!!!!  Well that's a fine time to tell me, after some muppet has wasted my time, petrol and money on parking for an appointment that another muppet had cancelled.

I guess after the above you could say that I was very very angry, and rightly so.  I promise the NHS this - I always try to turn up for my appointments on time - although the parking issue was not of my making, I will not rest until I find out who was responsible for the cancelling of the appointment and having it marked as cancelled by me.  If you cancel an appointment, at short notice, they tally them up till you get to 3, and they can remove you from their books, this goes for GP's, Dentist etc.  I won't have them do this to me.

I am fed up with people messing me around, so no more Mrs Nice Person from me I'm afraid.  Mess me around, and your messing with the wrong one.  This whole saga started when I visited my GP back in September, my MRI that found the Secondary Tumour was done 22 October.  

It's a month to Xmas, and I get the feeling I would have better luck if I booked into the Vet in the morning with my Dog.  At this point I will finish, as my Mia needs cuddles, she is saying she has a mean Mummy and Daddy, as she has not been allowed to eat from 9pm this evening, apparently she is starved, wasting away even!  I have to say the chances of that dog starving are less than Santa appearing at Xmas - we got 4 cats and she's never eaten one of them yet.  Right 8am at the vet for me and doggie, so BED .........

Night all  xxxx

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