Thursday, 6 November 2014

Day 7 - I can see clearly now

Today we went into town to collect our new specs, I hate having to get used to new ones, as I am ultra fussy about how they feel and sit, and if they are not to my liking, it takes me ages to adjust.  Now I just have to remember to swap over before I move away from a computer, and make sure I wear the right one's when I use the ipad, and not use it with my nose pressed against the screen!  Still at least they work and I can see better when I have them round the right way.

Well if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that tomorrow I have a Radiology appointment, and today I received an appointment for Tuesday next week to see a Consultant, and with luck we will know then where the primary is.

Today I have been reading about the many different types of Cancer, and how they spread - possibly not a brilliant idea, as it has had me in tears, but I would rather cry about it now than in public next week at the Doctor, when I really need to concentrate.  But I suppose I should get used to it, I get the feeling that crying will be a common occurrence in the future, anyway I think I'm entitled to, it's not often I do really.

We saw quite a big part of where the Shopping Centre had been hit by the mini tornado at the weekend, and another Building - The Montessori Building surrounded by scaffolding, which wasn't there last week.

Right I better get to sleep, Virgin are finally coming to fix the landline in the morning - I wouldn't want to hurry them or anything.

Catch you all tomorrow

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